wakana ikeda


桐朋学園大学 フルート専攻卒業。Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble、THE RATELとして活動。Slothのメンバー。Luminous Orange、ザ・なつやすみバンドなどでザポート演奏。發展は活動休止中。元 吉田ヨウヘイgroup


Flute Player

Born in Tokyo on Jan 19, 1991.

She started playing the Flute at elementary school, and then take interest in Classical music, Rock music, Folk music, Jazz music, Improvised music, and Contemporary music and more.

2013 Graduated from the Toho Gakuen School of Music University.

Mainly studied for Contemporary music and Early music. Study under Ryu Noguchi, Masahiro Arita, and Yuji Numano.

2012 Performed at Music Festival Argerichi’s Meeting Point in Beppu 2012. Collaborated with Martha Argerich, and Mischa Maisky.

2013 The Rock band “Yoshida Yohei Group” had joined and performed at Fuji Rock Festival 2014. But to leave a group on 2016.

2013 Formed the improvisation group as “發展 ( hatten )”. Some cassette tapes and CDs were released.

2015 Participated of Taku Sugimoto “Septet” on Ftarri Festival.

2016 Formed the “Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble”. ( Member is Yoko Ikeda, Masahiko Okura, Taku Sugimoto, Aya Naito, Wakana Ikeda. ) Regularly held a concert to play contemporary music. and Released CD “Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble ( meenna-988 )”.